New Albany, Indiana

Miss Elizabeth Hedden Residence

Builder:        Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.
   Year:        1942
   Opus:        4003
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      21
No. ranks:      4
No. pipes:      268
All enclosed in one box.
                GREAT ORGAN
             8' Diapason            61
             8' Viola               49     (common bass)
             8' Gedeckt             61
             4' Octave                     (top octave repeats)
             4' Viola               12
         2 2/3' Nazard                     (Viola)
             2' Fifteenth                  (Viola; top octave repeats)
             8' Oboe                61
                SWELL ORGAN
             8' Gedeckt
             8' Viola
             4' Flute               12
             4' Viola
         2 2/3' Nazard                     (Gedeckt)
             2' Piccolo                    (Gedeckt; top octave repeats)
             8' Oboe
                PEDAL ORGAN
            16' Bourdon             12
             8' Diapason
             8' Flute
             4' Viola
             4' Flute
             8' Oboe

Source: Allen Kinzey

Notes: The 1993 issue of the OHS Tracker had some interesting information about Miss Hadden and the organ.  Susan Elizabeth Hedden was a music teacher and member of a prominent family in New Albany, Indiana [across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY].  There was a tradition of Saturday evening musicales provided by Miss Hedden, her brothers, and other local musicians, for their own enjoyment and that of their neighbors and friends.  "Miss Elsie," as she was affectionately known, was much loved by her students, and during the Depression years, she always saw to it that her students received their lessons whether or not they could pay for them.  They also often received gifts of tickets to the opera and symphony.

Op. 4003 was installed in 1942 for $2,735 (included 10% Federal Musical Instrument Tax).  The organ was shipped with Op. 1039, a 3/23 rebuild of two-manual Hook & Hastings Op. 1126 (1883) at her church - Hutchinson Memorial Presbyterian Church [now St. John's] in New Albany.

Miss Hedden died in 1976 at age 84.  James E. Miller bought the organ from the Hedden Estate in 1982 and set it up in the conference room of the Miller Pipe Organ Co. shop.

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