Anaheim, California

First Presbyterian Church

Aeolian-Skinner organ, Op. 1178 (1949) in First Presbyterian Church (Anaheim, CA)
First Presbyterian Church (Anaheim, CA)
Builder:        Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.
   Year:        1949
   Opus:        1178
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      20
No. ranks:      17
No. pipes:      1,093


             GREAT ORGAN                             SWELL ORGAN
          8' Principale          61               8' Rohrflöte           68
          8' Bourdon             61               8' Gambe               68
          8' Erzähler            61               8' Gambe Celeste       68
          4' Prestant            61               4' Traverse Flute      68
      2 2/3' Nazard              61               2' Blockflöte          61
             Chimes                             III  Plein Jeu          183
             Blank                                   (REEDS)
                                                 16' Bassoon             68
             PEDAL ORGAN                          8' Trompette           68
         16' Contra Basse        32               4' Hautbois            68
         16' Lieblich Bourdon    12 SW               Blank
          8' Cello               12
          8' Rohrflöte           SW
          4' Violon              12
         16' Bassoon             RD
             Chimes              GT

Source: Visit by Jeff Scofield 1/16/01 with further information by Allen Kinzey

Notes: This is quite a unique two-manual design. The reed stops of the Swell are, though enclosed with the Swell and affected by the Swell Tremulant, treated as a separate division. The knobs are located at the bottom of the Swell knobs, with their own divisional REEDS nameplate. The Reeds 'division' has its own couplers to the other divisions and has two divisional pistons of its very own located to the right of the pistons of the main Swell division. The choir loft is located front and center, facing down the nave. The organ is located in the left chamber with openings to the choir loft and to the left (west) transept, where the console is located. At the time of my visit, the organ was in mint condition and unaltered. The organist who was there at the time of its installation in 1951 was still there fifty years later!

The 450-seat nave is a somewhat scaled-down and slightly modern version of French gothic, complete with flying buttresses. During the heyday of Orange County, the church had over 2,000 members. Now, like most of the mainstream Protestant churches in the area, membership is way down. The church only has around 250 members, but 25 of them sing in the choir – which speaks mightily for the music program. The nave has very favorable acoustics and some colorful stained glass windows. It is definitely worth a stop to see the church and organ.

Photo Source: Jeff Scofield

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