San Francisco, California

St. Joseph's Hospital — Chapel

Builder:        Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.
   Year:        1939
   Opus:        990
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      9
No. ranks:      11
No. pipes:      613


                         GREAT ORGAN                             SWELL ORGAN
                      8' Principal           61               8' Bourdon             61
                      8' Spitzflöte          61               8' Viola               61
                      4' Nachthorn           61               4' Prestant            61
                                                            III  Plein Jeu          183
                         PEDAL ORGAN                             Tremolo
                     16' Bourdon             32                  Swell 16'
                      8' Principal           32                  Swell 4'

Source: Allen Kinzey

Notes: To quote from a convention handbook of the Organ Historical Society: "This instrument was built for St. Joseph's Hospital Chapel in San Francisco, the gift of a donor who specified "the best organ money can buy." Designed by G. Donald Harrison, it served the chapel until 1982, when the hospital was closed. St. Boniface [Catholic Church] organist Thomas McGuire made arrangements for Schoenstein & Co. to move the organ to its present location [in the chancel of St. Boniface]. The expression box was rebuilt to enclose only the Swell; the screen was provided by the church. All the pipes except the Pedal Bourdon 16' are of spotted metal; the Swell bourdon 8' is capped."

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