Upper Marion, Bridgeport, PA
Christ Church, Episcopal

Builder:		Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.
  Year:			1935
  Opus:			939
No. manuals:		2
No. stops:		17
No. ranks:		8
No. pipes:		555


Great (enclosed)
	8'	Open Diapason		73
	8'	Rohrflote		73
	8'	Salicional		73
	8'	Voix Celeste		61	tc
	8'	Muted Viole		73
	4'	Flute Triangulaire	73
	8'	Trumpet			73
		Duplicate of GT, but no Chimes
	16'	Bourdon			32
	16'	Lieblich Gedeckt	12	MAN
	8'	Stopped Flute		12
		Chimes			GT

Source:  Allen Kinzey

According to the website of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the church was founded in 1760 by the Church of Sweden (Lutheran), which was very close in theology and polity to the Church of England.  Christ Church is one of the four surviving "Old Swedes" churches in Pennsylvania; all are now Episcopal churches.